To All The Dogs We’ve Loved Before…

One of the few drawbacks of travelling from place to place (especially at the speed that we do) is that it often you fall so in love with a place and its people that it breaks your heart when you have to move on. The big killer for us though is the gorgeous stray dogs we meet on our adventures that we would love to let tag along for more of our travels, or in some cases Susan has actually started looking into the logistics of organising to adopt them and take them home to Ireland! Here are the top dogs that stole our hearts (and most likely some of our dinners):

1. Nob Island  (Utila, Honduras 2013)

Nob Island nobbling about with us on our pub crawl.

We met little Nob Island shortly after we got off the boat from La Ceiba to Utila. We had no accommodation booked but had decided on a hostel that unfortunately was closed when we got there. As we spent a bit of time outside knocking on all the doors/windows trying to get someone’s attention (it was the middle of the day), we entertained ourselves petting a lovely little stray scamp that was hanging around in the street. As we gave up and decided to find somewhere else, little Nob Island (named after our nickname for Utila – because our trip there unfortunately collided with US Spring Break, and it was therefore full of Spring Break nobs) followed us.  She was our road companion for pretty much the whole day (us having resorted to the usual “we’ll go and have a beer and assess the situation” that usually happens when we haven’t found anywhere to stay), exploring the island and stopping off at various bars, sharing our nibbles and ordering her a bowl of water wherever we went. Susan was completely besotted, and was using anywhere with wifi to Google how to transport a dog from Honduras to Ireland.  Eventually we decided on the apt sounding Hotel Margarita and went back to relieve ourselves of our backpacks, but on arrival the owner (the commanding Miss Carmen), took aversion to our little furry friend and chased her away with a broomstick. We understood her not wanting a flea-ridden stray dog in her nice clean rooms, but she could have just slept on the bench outside and there was NO NEED to hit her with a stick! It almost made us leave the hotel we were so annoyed. Despite much searching we never saw little Nob Island again and it breaks our hearts to this day. We do console ourselves with the fact that, lovely though Susan’s apartment in Dublin is (and right next to the park!) she would only have been disappointed when she was used to a beautiful Caribbean island.

Nob Island enjoying her foraged chicken on the beautiful beach in Utila.

2. Giant Mini Kiev Island Police Station (Kiev, Ukraine 2014)

2014-03-12 03.15.40
Is it a dog? Is it a bear? It’s Giant Mini Kiev Island Police Station!

Touch more dogs this way…

Weakly, not Weekly Roundup (aka “Why We Are Utterly Shit Travel Bloggers”)

“Even if we don’t manage any proper blog posts, we can still do a weekly roundup just saying what we’ve been up to!” Us, last month.

Guess what? Our last “weekly” roundup was a month ago. We’re shit and we know we are. Here are our shameful excuses:

1.We’re busy

So so busy! We both work full time in quite challenging jobs, both of which have seen the shit hit the fan recently so the last few weeks have been mainly work, sleep and the remainder just trying to chill out or trying to maintain our dying social lives. Usually we can manage a little bit of multi-tasking, working on blog posts via email and doing the odd tweet while at work but there has literally been NO RESPITE recently. Jill is also studying for exams in June, has no time to herself and only gin and tonic is holding her back from hiding in a hedge on an industrial estate, boffing gas and sharpening twigs instead of going to work.

2. Unlike TLC, we are too proud to beg!

Our stats are pretty shit, and while we do try and engage people and promote our blog (via Facebook and Twitter), we don’t want to be shoving it down people’s throats and re-posting the same old links day in, day out. We probably just need to get over our inherent British politeness and just get among it!

Our weekend in Preston was quite amazing anyway, although we didn’t do any of the things we had planned (like the owl sanctuary) due to having some great craic in the hotel bar on the Friday night (after post-work drinks with our friend John* in Manchester en route) and ended up staying up until stupid o’clock getting very, very drunk. Saturday saw us dragging ourselves out for a mender and getting as far as the dodgy little old man pub at the end of the street where there was a bit of a shindig going on for St George’s Day involving a buffet (no quiche unfortunately – we were both mad for a bit of quiche that day!) and karaoke. We spent the afternoon there talking shit to the regulars (who we thought were old men, but turned out were actually the same age as us – tough paper round! And asking if they could hook us up with their quiche dealer) and singing Queen in the beer garden before heading out to the lovely Moka (recommended by a lovely lady we got talking to in the street) for delicious fish pie, vegetarian tapas and amazing mango cheesecake, washed down with a bottle of prosecco  (not “prosecutor” -auto-correct!). *Don’t tell John’s wife.

The Bluetones gig (at 53 Degrees) was amazing as always, once we finally managed to locate the entrance to the venue (after an awkward moment accidentally going in the stage door and nearly walking in on the band’s dressing room). There was an added bonus when we headed to The Ferret across the road after the gig, as the support band Miracle Glass Company (cheeky Scottish boys with super catchy tunes) were doing a set there, so of course we had a chat with them and bought them tequila. After being chucked out of there so the staff could enjoy a nice relaxing lock in, we found ourselves in Warehouse (an alternative club with three floors of different music) before retiring to the hotel to find the bar was shut (which was probably for the best) and went to bed.

After a nice lie in on the Sunday, we ended up getting our train to Manchester much later than planned as a) we were having great craic with the staff at the hotel over brunch and boozes b) Susan’s flight wasn’t until 10pm, so Jill had decided to get a later train anyway c). THEN the train from Preston to Manchester was cancelled/delayed and d). The Pickwick Papers. We did finally manage to get some quiche from Tesco at Piccadilly Station though, so all was well.

Yay! Finally the quiche location unit comes through.

In other news WE GOT GLASTONBURY TICKETS IN THE RESALE!!!!!!  We’ll see you sexy cats there!